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    How did Bass Brigade begin?

    Organically and authentically. Getting local friends together onto bass fishing, showcasing it through various social media sites and now connecting with like-minded anglers on a global scale. Whether we’re driven by the strength and energy that catapulted hip-hop, skate, punk and graffiti subcultures, Bass Brigade, quickly became an angler’s lifestyle brand that communicates the bold power of individuality and creativity.

    What sets Bass Brigade apart from other bass fishing communities?

    Listening and simply caring. The relationships turned friendships from like-minded people from across the globe.

    How do I join Bass Brigade?

    Your invitation has been extended. Welcome aboard.

    Can I hit the water with you?

    We’re always up for connecting with our friends on (and off) the water. Drop us a line and we’ll do our best to get some water time on the calendar.

    What spawned Bass Brigade’s love for JDM gear?

    We’ve always been purveyors of Japanese culture and goods. Our roots stemming from Japanese fashion to car culture naturally made its way into geeking over Japan’s fishing culture.

    Who does all of your photography and design work?

    We do everything in-house. We are a fun loving, talented group of creatives who put design thinking so forward into everything we create. Bass Brigade’s internal culture is known for “there never is a box” mindset and constant innovation in any every medium we apply our brand to.

    How do I get sponsored by Bass Brigade?

    Send an email with all your info to We'll contact you as soon as possible in regards to any sponsorship openings.

    Is your clothing line available only on your online store?

    At the moment, yes but soon we plan to open our retail distribution through brick and mortar and reputable online retailers.

    I want to sell Bass Brigade apparel in my country. How do I become a distributor?

    We’re always looking to expand into new markets. If you’re interested in becoming a distributor, send us an email to We’d also love to learn more about the fishing in your country’s waters too.


    Are you guys ever going to come out with your own baits or tackle?

    It’s on our roadmap.